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Our first 4 tshirt designs fresh off the presses!

So it’s good to finally get things going and the 1st few t-shirts have finally been printed. We are starting with a limited number of designs initially but with the option for some colour variations on some of the designs.

I’ve got plenty of exciting new designs and even entirely new product ranges in development so check back soon or join our newsletter (see footer) for latest news and offers.

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Damien Samwell is the Founder and designer at CovertSubvert. If I'm not making tshirts you'll find me in the mountains on a snowboard or mountainbike! Feel free to reach out and connect. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on my designs.

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CovertSubvert’s mission is to design and develop clean, simple but high quality products for the design conscious. Our products are carefully designed and crafted in England and printed and distributed from California.

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