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Politics in modern day America has never been so exciting. This year’s presidential campaign has been full of twists and turns and provided a stage for the most bizarre personalities. All this would be great entertainment if it was fictional…but it’s not…and the implications on our everyday lives are terrifying.

I started CovertSubvert partly as a creative outlet with free reign to develop and design what I liked, but also as a forum to make some social commentary on the absurdities of the world through my designs. I designed the “Build Bridges not Walls” t-shirt in summer 2015 as part of the Seen-Unseen range which explores the way in which we interpret shape and find hidden meaning in the every-day. I love this positive statement about how it reminds us how we should approach our interactions within this world and indeed…with each other.

Since then, the neanderthal Donald Trump, has come up with some wall ideas of his own – and he is taking a far more divisive approach. While everything this man says and does is just plain wrong, I think it just got personal! Now this design feels like my own unique anti-Trump retaliation. Remember folks, it’s better to Build Bridges not Walls!

build bridges not walls

Damien Samwell is the Founder and designer at CovertSubvert. If I'm not making tshirts you'll find me in the mountains on a snowboard or mountainbike! Feel free to reach out and connect. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on my designs.

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